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Chemical peel and its effect on your skin

Chemical peeling is a procedure through which an acid solution is used to remove the damaged layer of your skin. While performing chemical peel on the skin, physicians apply hydroxyl acids and Trichloroacetic acid, which is also called phenol. A chemical peeling is considered as the facial peeling that enhances the consistency and texture of the skin. There are various benefits of chemical peeling. Some of them are: • It helps in treating certain types of acne • It improves the look and feel of the skin • It improves the appearance of mild scars • It is helpful in...


Easy ways to make your make-up last longer!!

We girls work so hard in order to create that perfect makeup façade and without any welcome and all, the humidity and the heat dive into the picture and spoils that beautiful work of art. I know, it’s more heart-breaking than a breakup. But, here’s some good news for you, now you can make your makeup stay longer with these failproof tips. I assure you that with these tips you can beat the heat. Start with a clean canvas: you know this very well that water can never be mixed with oil and the oil on your face isn’t an...

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